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    function f(x, y)
        x + y

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  5. Simplify your code to the smallest piece of code that still shows your problem. This step takes the most effort but is the most important for fixing your problem. Short, simple examples tend to get answers quickly.

  6. Include code instead of REPL output, except when the latter is relevant. (REPL is “read-evaluate-print loop”, the julia> command line.)

  7. Include full stacktraces (that is all of the stuff that comes along with an error message). They often contain valuable information, even if they seem cryptic. Please quote the stacktrace as well (see point 2).

  8. Please use the latest stable version of Julia and released packages (you can ensure the latter with pkg> up). If you cannot do so, make sure you note the relevant versions by including the quoted output of versioninfo() and pkg> st --manifest SomePackage.

  9. If you have a plotting (style) question, include a plot with the desired output (possibly generated with other software).

  10. You may not get a response here for packages with a very narrow audience. In that case, you may want to consider opening an issue on Github (or Gitlab, etc) for the package repository, just to ask a question. Most packages are OK with this.

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  12. Avoid extending the original question that has already been answered with many new questions. It is better to start a new thread.

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Output in VSCode
BoundsError when solving non linear system of equations
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Julia: from total beginner to power user (youtube channel)
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How would I convert the key value pairs of an accumulator data structure to a dataframe
@timed to plot the time and memory consumption
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Shared definitions across modules
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Gsub function in Julia
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How can I plot a choropleth map from a dataframe?
Calculating a standardization function from scratch
I do not understand this error: MethodError: no method matching iterate(::DataFrame)
How can I plot a choropleth map from a dataframe?
The error of using GLPKMathProgInterface pkg
Arrays, Matrix, append!
Warning for adding constraints: zero or small (< 1e-13) coefficients, ignored
Warning for adding constraints: zero or small (< 1e-13) coefficients, ignored
Restoration phase failed
Linear programming with Jump
Specifying StaticArray Types
Kmeans problem
The error of using GLPKMathProgInterface pkg
Pde heat diffusion solution
ERROR: LoadError: UndefRefError: access to undefined reference
Why "Threads.@threads for " doesn't use all possible threads?
How can I add a legend
I wanted to plot Graphs in Jullia (IntellijIdea)
ArgumentError y = [y;df[:,Symbol(v)]]
How to add norm of gradient to a loss function?
I have no idea what's wrong. Please help! ERROR: UndefVarError: i not defined
Zygote gradient Error
How to set @variable(m, tau[1:N] >0 ) with JuMP
BitArray{3} mesh
How to solve this problem with T
Channels and Conditions: How to do notify channel is ready
Updating a plot
Turing.jl run not reproducible!
Populate a Dataframe from an array
Entrys with Gtk
Pca question
Running simulations over range of parameters
A newbie can not use CUDA by follow official DOC!
Opening and reading text: why does Julia insert many "\"
Debugging of julia modules lead to errors while evaluating not
Array variable - matrix multplication in JuMP
Deferred-shape arrays
Initializing a dataframe
Running Julia script with predefined environment
How can i Decode this Data?
DataFrame vs. Pandas (vs. Excel...), e.g. to refer to previous row
A question about Atom/Julia
DataFrame vs. Pandas (vs. Excel...), e.g. to refer to previous row
Warning, invalid warm-start basis discarded
I want to implement a normal log in julia and i'm new in and don't know how to do it
Method works in REPL; can't use in a function body
Modules and files
Memory Allocation JuMP constraint!
Gadfly label coloring
Writing data to csv
Problem in attaching array type in struct
A implementation of ResNet-18 uses lot of GPU memory
Segmentation fault when trying to make a custom sysimage
Moving from LMI toolbox (Matlab) to JuliaOpt
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Get One-On-One Help
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Different plotly behavour across computers
PyError. Can't use ExcelReaders
Data Collection Issue With Julia Agents
Regex numeric range generator
The conflict of variables using @build_constraint
Conv_mnist model-zoo example,
On OS X Catalina, running 'solve' in DifferentialEquations causes crash
Turn code into function
Undefined /out of scope
Its possible to use all cores or parallel cores to do some project/calculations?
Undefined /out of scope
"plot not defined" and / or "twinx not defined"
Error Unsatisfiable requirements detected for package ZMQ [c2297ded] when adding new packages
Good examples of posts asking questions
Made Julia quit and now won't run even after re-install
Can't install Gadfly - unsatisfiable requirements detected
CUDA on Julia 1.7 giving wrong results
UndefVarError: ncounter
How to plot and save figure, by running code on unix server
Which optimization package should I use?
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Pde heat diffusion solution
JuMP conditional constraint
How to export this type of vector
“using” expression not at top level
List comprehension of JuMP variables
LMI, Control system, Robust Control Adaptive Controller
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I am new to Julia, could someone help me to check the code?
Not sure how to get this LsqFit working
Differences in MATLAB's versus Julia's beta(x, y) for large x or y?
User-defined objective function with scalar and vector inputs
How to add text to a rendering?
Homework policy
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Plots.jl how to create a heat map from several curves
Where to find tutors for Julia?
Can not choose alg for lyapunovspectrum DynamicalSystems.jl
Its possible to use all cores or parallel cores to do some project/calculations?
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Modify FASTQ file description with a new string using FASTX
Reduce and sum Value ( frequency matrix)
Searchsortedfirst `by` argument not working?
Variables declaration in JuliaPro 1.5.2-1
Delay in processing
"for" loop, collect()
How to deal with Julia Out of memory problem
Path Environments
Weave won't convert a tex to pdf, because it says the directory is not empty
ForwardDiff with function using broadcasting
Plots: bars side by side
Readtable function
Help with macro to construct truth tables
How does Julia merge several exprs to one expr?
Intersect of 2 arrays
Evaluation into the closed module `__anon__` breaks incremental compilation because the side effects will not be permanent
How do I write @variable(z=x[1]+x[2])?
Query root relaxation values with JuMP
Slider of a point in a graph
Meta-programming an if-else statement of user-defined length
Bridging Slack's #Helpdesk and Discourse (Proposal, feedback welcome!)
On moderation and edits
Alternative to computation in a loop for distances for fast performance
Rules when box/unbox applies
Computing Flux.gradient change the model
Mesh3D Only Plotting Half
Three state variable
How to export `Base:@kwdef`?
L-BFGS returns a NaN gradient when providing analytical gradient. BFGS shows no issues
Vector function representation
Converting CSV string values to floats (Python to Julia)
How do I distribute Mamba mcmc function iterations on different processors?
Jupyter Won't Spawn ENOENT, unable to export pdf
Plotting implicit functions
Reading text or csv files and assigning values to variable names
@everywhere and Dictionaries
No method matching iterate(::XLSX.Worksheet)
Concatenating vectors of different length into a dataframe or table
How to attach the result of Julia REPL? (using vim & tmux)
JLD load error for Dict
Binary classification with Flux
Set_start_value in JuMP for SCIP
Change default JULIA Path Manually in Ubuntu
Contents of the function run well when timed alone, but not when they are in a loop inside the function
How to improve runtime with measurements.jl?
Julia code for 1-D discrete system
Plotting broken? Gadfly and Plots backends not showing axis ticks, can't plot DataFrames
Iterative feedback and discussion on the pinned "make it easier to help you" topic
Using Julia to solve semidefinite programming problem that has vector solutions
Optimizer returns status infeasible for a feasible problem
Using Julia to solve the student final project allocation problem
Colon / Ranges
Increase performance in string comparison with sub-dataframes or sub-arrays
Animating 10 steps
How can I use optim.jl to find some values
Which solver/model library can be used recursively / reentrantly
Autograd in Flux
Bug in julia zeros() side effects
Linear regression from scratch using QR decomposition
Local arrays in for loops
DifferentialEquations.jl: Complex function results in Inexact Error
Flux unroll
MOSEK fatal error stopenv
Iterating over row in a DataFrame
RNN Not learning
Threads, @spawn on Mac - inconsistent behavior
Optim - provide gradient with fixed parameters
Simple Linear Regression: Domain Error with 0.0
NLopt not optimising
Gurobi constraint
How to avoid supplying exact types in a Dict constructor?
Model Predictive Controller only works for certain values
Error while trying to download the Distributions Package on JuliaPro
No method matching zero(::Type{Array{Float64,2}})
Indexes and multidimensional arrays
Performance of log in nonlinear optimization
I can't load RDatasets in Julia
BoundsError: attempt to access 5×100 Array{Float32,2} at index [[0, 5, … 490, 495]]
Julia not able to convert Array to a series data for plotting
Julia Complex Exponential Evaluation vs Matlab
BoundsError on Bayesian ODE model with Turing
Makie Observables
Mutate Zygote Gradients with a Custom Mask Before Update?
UDP receive and send with julia
Speed up matrix multiplication with permuted vector
Tricky interpolation issue
Gurobi with StochasticPrograms.jl
How does Pluto decide what to show graphically?
Vcat and plot behavior inside Julia script
Julia contour lines issue
Precompiling most packages fails in Atom/Juno with 1.6.0
How to record the optimization process when using the JuMP optimization package for optimization
Unexpected ERROR: UndefVarError: a not defined
Maximize Min Objective
Indexing vector elements of a matrix
No method matching loss_multiple_shooting
How can loop through a image folder?
Disassociate parameter or variable from a model in JuMP
Finding all rows that are the same as a "focus" row
The plot command moves the graph
Multithread on JuMP for Benders cut
CBC solver
Plot data on Map with GMT.jl
I have problem with sampling Frequency when I use ACME.jl
What is meaning of M1, rpath?
Constraint declaration generates an error
UDP receive and send with julia
How to use pmap with DrWatson
Use a String For a Variable name and convert Dictionaries to DataFrames
Pwd() cd() and I/O text for open files from pc
Jacobian matrix
Layout pv panel optimization
How to write matrix data to Excel in separate worksheets?
How to add a constraint with neural network in a JuMP (PowerModels) model
How to parallelize within a function
Handling of package inter-dependency
Lasso Regression of Matrix of Vectors
@time and @benchmark give different results
Layout pv panel optimization
Change the constraints name iteratively to JUMP model
Optimization with JuMP and KNITRO
Wondering Why the Variable is Not Used
Problem with lyap(Q,R)
Using to import data from a data input file into a DataFrame
Handling of package inter-dependency
Using Loop
Using Loop
Using variable names to parse DataFrame
Surface command in Julia
Strange nan errors when mutating immutable struct arrays
Julia sum issue
DifferentialEquationsjl with ForwardDiff.jl
How to convert a multivariable polynomial with integer coefficients to one with Float64 coefficients?
Solve(ode, Tsit5()) throws "Possible method error" in VS Code
Mesh grid in Julia
ODE with vector Argument
Confusing dimension mismatch error
Getting NaN output from JuMP variable after solving
Indirect Connected vertices in a digraph
Best way to define a set of differential equations?
Using ```set_state```?
LinearAlgebra: rank
Memcpy in julia
Get a picture icon when I try to plot a histogram
Coding up basic power flow equation
Questions about Polyester.jl
How do I have to read an unknown number of floats in binary data till EOF?
Makie Animation
Found Bug in Flux
Problem with implementing the objective function with minimum and maximum functions simultaneously!
Parallelization of Sum in JuMP
Infeasible or unbounded model
Cholesky simple example
Struct initialization error
Why is this code wrong?
How can I transform this matlab code into Julia
Using Debugger in Julia 1.6.3
Converting Missing to Date
Julia Manual GMM
Apply some functions to columns of a dataframe
Using JuMP to solve the heat equation - performance tips requested
TypeError: in typeassert in Julia 1.6.3
Dummy variable change optimization result
Local infeasibility, Ipopt
Cannot use the Collections module
Solving MPC using JuMP and Gurobi
Problem using ```lyapunov spectrum```
Problems on Flux.destructure()
A question about Distances.jl
"contains" as operator?
Appending rows to a dataframe is seemingly inconsistent and confusing
Why doesn't method dispatch work on the same candidate included from different sources?
Make "Please read" post a pop up in new threads
How to use the solver-dependent callback
Updating an old model and running into deprecation and getting errors I have fixed a lot, tic toc problem here what is the best solution to replace?
A problem with JuMP Tutorial-linear problem-cannery problem
How to load a portion of image dataset
Julia stopped working
Organize the output of a mathematical model
Help to correct this code please
Error on installation packages
Simple Linear Regression: Domain Error with 0.0
Problem with Plots
Compute gradient of gradient norm using zygote
Buffer in running external program in loops
Ploting data
Two stage stochastic
GLMakie - Connecting a Slider to update images in an axis
Dependencies "4 skipped during auto due to previous errors"
Can we find a DDe's canstant from a table
Defining constraint using JuMP convert String to Expression and Merge Quart Expr and nonlinear Expr
How to control type conversion from python to julia
Converting PyTorch to Flux while keeping performance
Unexpected change of a function argument (array) - bug or feature?
`ReadOnlyMemoryError` in PyCall
Dynare - "LoadError: InexactError: Int64(NaN)" for the simplest model
Issues with abm visualization
Regarding use of Max in Jump code
Converting Dense Axis array results into dataframe
Nlsolve for find root for a system of ODE for an implicit runge kutta method
Performance slowdown on AMD with Windows10 compared to Intel with Linux (arch)
Radial Basis interpolation multivariable
Complementarity.jl supports equality constraints?
Clustering.jl Silhouettes Distances
Error message when using AoG/Makie with "yscale=log10", for my particular data
Defining constraint using JuMP convert String to Expression and Merge Quart Expr and nonlinear Expr
Nlsolve for find root for a system of ODE for an implicit runge kutta method
Parallel programming loops
Nonlinear solver other than IPOPT
Percentages in pie plot
Using CellListMap.jl within Agents.jl framework
Instances for type
How to make a model applicable to Turing.jl?
How to write a constraint Julia-jump
How to convert fmpq to Int
Errors in inference in upgraded Julia version (1.6.3 vs. 1.7.3)
MultivariateStats (PCA)
UndefVarError: DataLoader not defined
Finding Derivative of 2 arrays of numbers Using Zygote
What is sympy (python) equivalent differentiation method in Julia?
Another question on eachoverlap in GenomicFeatures.jl
Save and restore namespace
Bounds error while iterating over for loop
How to solve this error? About Pkg.jl and Plots.jl
Plot exponential fit
Multivariate nonlinear constrained optimization using JuMP and ForwardDiff (Automatic Differentiation)
Type compare
How to convert code from python to julia. the magic squares
Help on Lotka Voltera model Parameter Estimation
Julia pmap how to write each worker into separate index using parallel computing
I Need help with DiffEqFlux
Code Generation
Optim.jl: bracketing with Newton()
Use of variable in Julia REPL
Coalesce function not working with data frames n x n with n>=2
Preallocating large matrices in all cores is slower than allocating every time
ERROR: LoadError: syntax: invalid identifier name "&&"
Plot limit at next tick label
JuMP : not getting the correct solution of the optimization problem
Suppress Plot Window when output to animation
Optimize not working with function that has find_zero
How to undershand the Objective goes greater while itering?
JuMP problem with all_variables
Problem With Integer Stack Size

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