Position of plots on the screen, Plots.jl ,gr()

All of 3 samples below makes plots in the same position on the scrren (lef, top) :confused: any idea to control postion of plots on the screen ?
julia> using Plots; gr()

julia> bar(rand(5),wsize=(800,800))

julia> bar(rand(5),wsize=(800,800),pos=(0,0))

julia> bar(rand(5),wsize=(800,800),pos=(100,100))

From the documentation:

pos	(0, 0)   NTuple{2,Int}	(left_px, top_px)
position of the GUI window (note: currently unimplemented)

The pos keyword could be implemented. But, it you expect three plot windows at the same time at different positions - such a feature is still WIP.

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As for why your original topic didn’t get any responses…

You’ve been told over, over, and over again to quote your code, yet you keep ignoring that request. Your posts often appear to be created with minimal effort, without reading documentation or trying to understand error messages. You often seem to ignore people’s suggestions, or don’t take the time to read and understand them. Sorry if I’m being rude; the intention is to help you get better answers in future posts. Here’s a good reference post:

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