Julia: from total beginner to power user (youtube channel)

Hey, just a little bit of self promotion, I started a YouTube channel to teach Julia to beginner programmers. There’s six videos atm. I felt resources like this were scarce, and I remembered learning programming watching a ton of videos like this! So I’m trying to do the same now for others, and I’m learning a lot during the process too! Hope it helps :slight_smile: !

Here’s my latest video:


The playlist is accessible here:

There’s videos about how to install Julia + the VSCode extension, how to install and use Pluto, how to get help, the REPL basics, or why Julia is awesome!


Ho and there’s also a companion Github repo for the notebooks (will grow with the channel):

Suggestions are more than welcome!


Great! I will refer my students to it. Thanks!

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Nice work! Just took a quick browse through the playlist and noticed #5 (getting help in Julia). Great to see someone take the time to clearly explain those things. Maybe worth linking to from the PSA: make it easier to help you post.


thank you

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Ha yes very nice idea! I can’t modify anything now that it’s online except for the description so I’ll put it there. Thank you for the suggestion!

Good to have it in your description (and no need to cite me :slight_smile: ) but I actually meant that the PSA post could point to your video.

Hooo I read your post too quickly :man_facepalming:
Good thing that it’s in the description though. For the PSA, I think it is meant to be as short as possible, so not sure it is OK to link to a video.

I’d say just post it to that thread, even that would be helpful. Some people will just gravitate to a video and that would be a good one for them to watch.