Readtable function

I am trying to use “readtable” function in Julia 1.5.0. It shows that “readtable” is not found. What to do? Kindly help me out.

Hi there! Please take a look at this post for some guidelines on asking questions that will make it more likely that you will get a useful answer.

In this case, for example, what package(s) are you using, what are you trying to do, and what have you tried?

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I am having a problem with reading and plotting a csv file. So I wanted to use the codes:
using Pkg; Pkg.add(“DataFrames”); df = readtable().
It shows that readtable is not found. Please help me out.

Where are you seeing readtable? That function has been deprecated for a long time and it’s disappointing that it can still be found from search engines.

You want the package CSV.jl to import CSV files.

readtable was removed from DataFrames ~ 9 months ago (it was deprecated a while before that). Take a look at CSV.jl or CSVFiles.jl for loading csv files. You’ll still want DataFrames.jl as well

Thanks for the information.

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Where did you read about readtable? We should fix that page so that other don’t get confused in the future.