How to plot columns of a matrix on a single line graph in Julia

Hi everyone!.

Please guide in plotting the columns of matrices (Preferably subplot type).

thank you :slight_smile:

Could you clarify what you’re trying to do, ideally with a minimum working example as described in Please read: make it easier to help you?

Say if I have matrix A made up of column vector a1, a2,…an. I want to plot these column vectors.
eg: A= [1 2 3 4;5 6 7 8; 9 10 11 12].

First plot corresponds to a1 & should be like plotting [1;5;9]
similarly …a2 : [2;6;10] till a4= [4; 8 ;12].
I want to plot these vectors separately . Is there inbulit command like subplot(Matlab) to plots these vectors?

plot(A) from Plots should just work.

It works, but in the same plot. I want to get these plots differently.

Use plot(A, layout = size(A, 2))

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Thank you. It worked!

Could we scale this? Its size is too small to analyse.

57 plots on the same figure! To be honest I would maybe abandon the effort to re-scale and instead think of ways to group your data into smaller groups where each group is on the same plot.

You could maybe print to a really big png using savefig and analyze that.

Yup!. Thank you for suggestion :slight_smile: I should be viewing in smaller groups