Error while trying to download the Distributions Package on JuliaPro

Hi, I’m pretty new in Julia and I’m trying to download the Distributions Package on JuliaPro 1.5.0-1 and it seems to be an error but I don’t know why :confused: . If anyone can help me because I really need it and I don’t know what to do, Thank you :slight_smile:

Any reason you are using JuliaPro? Most users will want to use the latest community-supported stable release from Download Julia, which is 1.6.1.


Actually I tried with the previous version and the 6.1.1 but there is another error when trying to install the IJulia package. Any clue? :confused:

Hello @Diana_Paola Please promise one thing - do not get frustrated and give up.
We often see people on here who want to use Julia - which is a fantastic language.
They get frustrated when a package will not install.
The community here are very friendly - we really will answer any small questions and you can ask the most stupid things. I do so regularly!

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I see you are using Atom. I was an enthusiastic Atom user. However it should be said that the development of Atom is slowing down a lot and most people now use VSCode and the plugins for VScode.

I think your problem is the JuliaComputingRegistry which is left over from the installation of JuliaPro which you had.
What are the contents of your folder C:\Users\pucca.julia\Registries

Also how did you uninstall JuliaPro ?

Thanks for the support! I swear I am really getting frustrated with all of this haha. This is what I found:

It looks like you still have the JuliaPro registry set up instead of the General registry. Can you first try registry rm JuliaComputingRegistry and then registry add General in the pkg prompt?

As a more general matter, please post the output of commands inside triple backticks (``` ... ```) as text instead of posting screenshots. (See Please read: make it easier to help you)

Diana, thankyou for the response! We will help you to get Julia working.
May we ask what tye of work you are planning to do?

Also please look at Pluto notebooks - they may be very useful to you.

Hi, I wanted to thank you for your help :slight_smile: , finally I could install the packages that I needed.
Apparently it was what you said, I had the JuliaPro registry set up instead of the General.

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Hey Johnh, I checked the video of Puto notebooks, thank you. Also I finally could install the packages that I needed, I am studying hypothesis tests for distribution functions in general and that is why I needed the package, so now I can start working on Julia,Thank you for your support! :slight_smile:

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