PSA: how to quote code with backticks


This is a short post on using backticks (` and ```) to quote code, with the intention of benefiting users who are confused by this feature of the site. The intention is to make it linkable when necessary.


By quoting your code, you get a monospaced font (which preserves indentation) and syntax highlighting. This helps people who read your code and want to help you.

Displayed code looks like this:

function displayed_code(x::Int, y::Int)
    if x < y
        println("x is smaller")
        println("or not")

Inline code looks_like_this(c::Float64).


Discourse uses Markdown. Open and close displayed code with triple backticks ```. The julia after the first ``` specifies the language: on this forum, you can omit it and it will default to Julia.

function displayed_code(x::Int, y::Int)
    if x < y
        println("x is smaller")
        println("or not")

The inline syntax uses single backticks: `looks_like_this(c::Float64)` (you can’t specify the language here, no syntax highlighting).

This is all you need to do. When editing your post, the preview window on the right shows the result, and helps you make sure you did it right.

Pro tip

If you want to quote backticks themselves, enclose them in more backticks: `` ` `` renders as `, and

This is how you use this function:


This is how you use this function:

which is useful when quoting code with docstrings that have ``` in them.

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Isn’t the julia in ```julia optional?


I think so, yes. Do you think I should remove it from the example? I like to write things free of context, as I use Markdown in many places.


Also note that julia is the default setting for this site. So be mindful
of you want to post code in a different language.


Yea, if we don’t need to write julia in the julia discourse, then remove it. Your goal is to guide people for this specific site, not every possible forum.


Minor edits: most importantly, emphasized that specifying julia after the first ``` is optional on this forum.

Thanks to everyone who pointed this out.