Question on use of include from 0.6 -- 1.0

Firstly, thanks in advance.

My question is why the error (see below) and what to do about it?
It would appear something has changed between versions.
I have some third party code that runs well in version 0.6 but throws errors in 1.0.

In a file: XYZ.jl we declare a module.

Then from julia we say,
julia> using XYZ

In 1.0, Julia complains: ERROR: LoadError: UndefVarError: include not defined

# The module in question
module XYZ problems here...
# Then we have a series of include statements.  
# Notice the include statement comes after the module declaration has ended.
# These includes run properly in 0.6 but throw the 
# aforementioned error when run in 1.0
... more includes...

Thanks again

please provide a self-contained example

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