Importing modules that depend on modules

I am fairly new to Julia and have ran into pickle when importing modules that are cross dependent. I have two modules A and B. In B, there is a function, Foo(), that takes a type, T , defined in A. Therefore I import A into B and then import A and B both into a parent module C which i use to include all the modules of my program. However when i try to call Foo I get a MethodError: no method matching Foo(::A.T)
Closest candidates are:
Foo(::B.A.T) at path to B

Any idea how I can get around this issue? All my modules are in separate files. I have added the path to LOAD_PATH and have gotten rid of include completely but still no dice… Thanks!

You may be using a different A, but it is hard to say without code. Please post an MWE.

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I indeed had multiple copies of the same module. Fixed by making sure its only imported once. Thanks!