GLMakie - Connecting a Slider to update images in an axis

Hi everyone,

I am new to Julia and I am trying to create an interface to show for images (as you can see in the figure).

I was able to connect the Slider with the red lines and put the limits of the top left image. But now, I want to connect the same Slider with the bottom right image (volume image), because for each position of the red line there is a different volume image.

I don’t know if I was clear, it is my first writing in a Forum.
Really hope someone can help me!

If you need some more information please tell me!

It would help to edit your post to include a minimum reproducible example (see this post: Please read: make it easier to help you), as it’s not currently clear what exactly is controlled by the slider, nor what you expect to happen when the slider is connected properly. There’s no need to post your actual data, but your minimal example should include generation of synthetic data.

I don’t actually see a figure, did you forget to upload it maybe?