Suppress Plot Window when output to animation

Hi! I’m creating an animation of several dozen to a hundred or so frames. However, for each frame I want to push to the animation there is a popup window that flashes open and then closes. Is there a way to get rid of that (i.e. suppress the plot figure completely), or at least display it in a consistent window so that it doesn’t make things so distracting?

I bet you’re using an Apple product, I’ve only heard people complain about it over there. Can you confirm this? probably has something to do with what Julia uses for Mac

It is hard to tell what you are doing (eg what plotting package etc), please provide an MWE.

Yes, I am using a Mac xD.

I am currently using the main Plots function, specifically in StatsPlots. Using the gr() backend.

anim = Animation()
for ii = 1 : (100/dt)
    if isinteger((ii-1)/2); frame(anim); end
    global etap1 = shallowwave2D(etan,etam1,r,"periodic");
    global etam1 = deepcopy(etan); global etan = deepcopy(etap1);