MOSEK fatal error stopenv

Hi all,

I try to use JuMP with MOSEK. After formulated the problem, and start solving the problem, I have received this error message. Any suggestions on what going on here or how I can figure this out? Thanks!

MOSEK fatal error stopenv
File : src/prslv/prselim.c
Line : 1305
Msg : Assertion failed at src/prslv/prselim.c(1305).

PSA: make it easier to help you

Please provide a reproducible code example.

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Hi! I’m facing a similar problem here:

MOSEK fatal error stopenv
File : src/homo/intpntco.c
Line : 10606
Msg : Assertion failed at src/homo/intpntco.c(10606).

Have you figured where things go wrong? Any way to get around with by something like the “try…catch…” method?

Hi! It is really difficult for me to provide the reproducible code example here because: 1) it is part of my research that I do not want to reveal the code yet; 2) it is over 200 lines of code.

The code basically sets up a conic optimization problem, and crashes at the step of optimize!(Model).

If needed, can I email you the code I have please?

Try contacting Mosek support. They’ll probably be interested in the example if it crashes Mosek.