How to write a constraint Julia-jump

Hi guys, i am new in julia and i need to write this constraint
@FOR(pilotos(i): @for(vuelos(j): @for(vuelos(k) j#ne#k #and# dia(j)#eq#dia(k) #and#
inicio(j)#le#inicio(k) #and# fin(j)#gt#inicio(k) : x(i,j)+x(i,k)<=1)));

I appreciate your help!! :slight_smile:

Hi there,

It seems like you might want to start with some JuMP tutorials:

You should also read

It has some suggestions on writing a good question. It’s easier to help if you provide some reproducible code.

Broadly speaking though, you have two options:

Write a for-loop:

for i in I, j in J, k in K
    if j != k && i <= j
        @constraint(model, x[i,j] + x[i,k] <= 1)

Use the container syntax (Constraints · JuMP):

@constraint(model, [i=I, j=J, k=K; j != k && i <= j], x[i,j] + x[i,k] <= 1)
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Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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