Make "Please read" post a pop up in new threads

The post

is quite useful and we are always directing new users to it.

Can Discourse add a warning or pop up whenever a user it typing a new thread?


If so, it should be mostly for lower trust levels, right? Unless it is relatively unobtrusive.

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I think we already receive related posts while typing a new post, it could be something similar in a special highlighted area.

Having a predefined template with an area for text and an area for code like below would help alleviate the excruciating pain of code that is not pasted inside the triple backticks:


That is a tremendous idea @rafael.guerra :100: If not a warning, at least the code snippets would be ok. This is definitely the most painful part.


Does anyone have the admin rights on Discourse to implement this feature proposed by @rafael.guerra? Perhaps there is a plugin somewhere that we can use? I have no idea how Discourse features work.

You can go to Discourse’s Discourse to ask these questions, XD.

A quick search of the discourse on Discourse’s Discourse suggests that there are a couple of ways this type of feature could be implemented.

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The code-fences thing has been asked before:

and escalated to discourse on Discourse’s Meta Discourse:

I’ve not taken the time to figure out how to hack our custom themes as would be required.