I'm blind again, how to supress subplot annotations?

I know it is possible because I’ve made it a long time ago, but I can’t remember - how
and the code is deleted. :frowning:
But how can I supress the annotation in the right subplot?

using Plots

plot([leer data], layout=(1,2), leg=:false, grid=:off, ann=(5,0,text("Sample text")))

Many thanks for tips.


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@trilobit, with annotate!() one can direct the annotations to each subplot.
Example for a 2x2 layout:

using Plots
data = rand(4, 50)
p = plot(data, layout=(2,2), leg=:false, grid=:off, ylims=(0,1.2))
annotate!(p[1], 2.5, 1.1, text("subplot-1"))
annotate!(p[4], 2.5, 1.1, text("subplot-4"))

Thanks a lot.
That’s exact what I’m looking for. I had another solution in my mind, but I
can’t remember. However…an example that I want: