Section for 'tutorial' style posts?

Could it make sense to have a section in this discourse where we collect posts that not only show how certain things are done in Julia but also explain a bit more of the concepts around them, as well as posts that answer common questions? A sort of FAQ category if you will.

I am motivated by me and @mkitti writing very similar posts about the conceptual differences of thread-based multiprocessing vs process-based multi-processing and Julia’s Tasks (@mkitti’s post, my post). But there are of course other recurring questions, such as variations of “how do I make this fast” (-> benchmark), “why does it allocate”(->common pitfalls), users writing explicit types everywhere (-> types in Julia), “why does my Julia crash constantly” (-> use Juliaup) and so on. I think having a good set of “standard responses” to these would help us save some time. The Please read: make it easier to help you could also live there for example.

So I propose having a section in this forum that just has “Wiki” posts that contain answers to frequently asked questions/recurring problems. Some of them might be rather short (e.g. “Install Julia’s official binaries or use juliaup. Everything else is unsupported and does not work”), some of them also might contain some more explanation of background concepts (e.g. Tasks<->Threads<->Processes).

I see this as a different proposal to the idea of a Documentation category because I think most of the posts I have in mind do not belong to documentation. We can also think about posting some of these “explanatory posts” to forem but I’d still prefer having them here, because 1) here everyone can edit them to improve/update 2) I don’t need to go to a different website to search for the correct post to link to 3) in their own category they are easier to find then in the stream of posts that is forem.

What do you think?