A question about Atom/Julia

Originally, my julia works .Because of my careless ,I have changed my system path

then ,when I run a simple code, it slways shows running but it has no consequence .And there is a warning in the repl.
I tried so many ways,but I cannot find how to deal with it.Please, any help will be appreciated. Thanks :innocent:

module is a keyword in Julia. You use it as a variable here. I would first rename that variable and restart the REPL. Maybe that helps.

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I have try it but it does not work

  1. are you sure that your code is working?
  2. can you execute a simple piece of code in the REPL?
  3. can you execute the same simple code from the editor (^+RETURN)?
  4. did you try to execute your code line by line?
  5. does it work then?

Sorry for so many questions.

Please give us an MWE, see Please read: make it easier to help you

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