Hello everybody i am a new member

Hello everyone
I am a new member
I am really happy to meet you all


Nice to meet you! Hope you have fun and get to program some stuff you care about :slight_smile:

Remember to search this forum / ask if there is something you are struggling with.

Kind regards


Hey there! Welcome to the Julia community!

Welcome. Have a like :slight_smile:



Hi! Great to meet a new member. Do not hesitate to ask, people here are really helpful and friendly. I suspect some of them are downright geniuses :smiley:

When you post questions (they will come, Julia is amazing but sometimes subtle) do remember to
(1) quote your core (using triple backticks ``` between code blocks, or single backticks for inline code),
(2) try to produce short, concise examples that showcase your problem (sometimes called a minimal working example MWE), and
(3) explain the things you have tried before posting. Also, if relevant, specify the Julia version you’re using (hopefully 1.1 or later!)

Welcome and have fun!