Entrys with Gtk

Hello I am new in this software, I am designing an interfaz using Gtk, but I have some problems using entrys, I can´t do that my variables saves when I enter the numerical value in an entry. Help me please.

Can you provide MWE (minimum working example) of the problems that you have? Please follow this guidelines: Please read: make it easier to help you

I need to use entry of Gtk package, but I can’t save the variable value that I write in the entry.

Please, post a code and not a screenshot. Screenshots are difficult to read and impossible to copy-paste. To post a code you should enclose it in triple-backticks ```

Also, can you give an MWE of your code? It’s hard to understand what exactly are you doing and where your code fails you.

I suppose it should be something like

using GTK

ent = Entry()
set_gtk_property!(ent, :text, "My string")
str = get_gtk_property(ent, :text, String)

and some other parts that are missing in this piece of code. Do your best to make your example self-contained, so that it runs (or gets to the error that you want help with) as is. This means including package loading (e.g. using ThatPackage ) and any data that the code operates on.

Simplify your code to the smallest piece of code that still shows your problem. This step takes the most effort but is the most important for fixing your problem. Short, simple examples tend to get answers quickly.