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Hi everyone,

I’ve been following YouTube tutorials, online guides and have even purchased two books. But I keep on encountering errors and roadblocks on my path to becoming a Julia programmer, and at this point it’s getting really, really, really frustrating.

So, I’m deciding to get some personal, live help for this. Whether in person or over video call with screen sharing or something along those lines.

I am this close to signing up for the Julia Computing Advanced Training, beginning with contacting them at But I just first wanted to put some feelers out there for any other options or people willing to help out.

I’m sufficiently proficient with MATLAB and suffer from the two-language problem significantly at work.

Please advise.


There is which has my profile.

Or you can DM me for a discussion.


For more immediate feedback, you can also try the slack channel:, probably #helpdesk. Although, I suspect that the course could be really good.


I’d assume that the three options of

  • Codementor (as suggested by @xiaodai)
  • Slack Channel
  • Julia Computing Advanced Course

are much of a muchness, but does anyone know pros and cons between them?

With codementor, it’s designed to give one-on-one help. So the experience will tailored to your needs. But like any one-on-one session, it does have a monetary cost just like a piano lesson.

For Slack, it’s honestly great, but if you are starting out it can feel daunting and not sure what to ask. My advice is don’t be afraid to ask any question even if you THINK it might be “stupid”. The ppl there are pretty nice.

I can’t comment on the Julia course since I haven’t taken them but any course is good IMO.

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Hi @kapple, another resource you can try is this exact place in discourse. There’s a good friendly crowd of folks that really like the language and want to help others enjoy it too. I might be 50/50 in terms of asking for help vs helping others but I didn’t start there. Take a peak at Please read: make it easier to help you and ask away!

P.S. I don’t mean to discourage use of a mentor or other training, these resources are not mutually exclusive.