Output in VSCode

I ran this, and didn’t get any errors:


g1= derivative(sin,0.0)




I don’t however, have an output for the function, nor can I find a sum, when I put in f(3,2) for f(x,y).

Please post a self-contained MWE, including a using for the library which provides derivative.

using Calculus
using Plots
x = 1:10; y = rand(10, 2) # 2 columns means two lines

a=plot(x, y)

g1= derivative(sin,0.0)



this gives the derivative of sin 0, in the terminal, and the plot flashes on screen, for about a second or so.

I think I need to run this in the REPL, but I can’t get the REPL to open. Before, I just put $julia in the shell.

It seems that there are at least 3 different problems here:

  1. your Julia installation,
  2. plotting,
  3. derivatives.

If Julia does not run from the command line, I would start with the first one.

I got that all sorted. It works as it should, Only thing left to test is exporting with Taro or Weave.