Path Environments

I would like to add Maxima.jl, but in order to run Maxima I need to add a directory to the Path environment, so Julia can find it.

On Windows you will also need to add the directory containing the maxima.bat executable to your PATH environment variable so that Julia can find it.

How do I do this?

This is for python, but the instructions on adding a directory to path is the same. You’ll need to add the directory that contains maxima.bat rather than the python executables though

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Thank’s I’ll take a look at it.

Am I looking for a Windows Bash file, and expected to put a link to that directory? What about variable name?

You’ll need to add the bin folder of maxima to path. as described in Maxima – Installation in Windows

Cool it works :sunglasses: I can get into the Maxima REPL. The only thing I’m not sure of is how to access Maxima from the Julia REPL, or from Julia Markdown. I think I’ll go check the docs for a macro.

I got the Julia REPL to work using Maxima. , but it won’t load when I Weave a Julia Markdown.

@brett_knoss Saying “it won’t load” is not useful. Please show a minimal example of the file you are trying to run and the complete error message produced.

I’ll send a screenshot in a second, but basically it says Weaving chunk 1(or whatever chunk has

using Maxima

in output. It doesn’t ever stop or give an error warning.

I’m updating everything, and right now Weave won’t do anything.

Have you tried running weave from a standard Julia repl? What happens?

I don’t know I can’t remember the Weave syntax