Percentages in pie plot

How to show percentages also in pie plot ? I want to show percentages of “Will churn” and “Will not churn”.

I feel that you’ve been pointed to this before, but as a reminder, please read:

and follow the advice therein. In particular:

  1. Post actual code, not screenshots
  2. Make Minimum Working Examples for your questions which allow others to run the code you’re trying to run. This includes any packages used.

The second part is particularly important when asking about plotting packages - there are plenty of different options available, and answers are generally useful for one specific package only so asking a generic plotting question without specifying a package isn’t very useful.

i am using plots.jl and gr backend for plotting. code is lengthy so i haven’t putted it. you can tell me resources to read so that i could also add percentages in pie plot. i wasn’t able to find examples on internet to get percentqages in pie plot.

That’s why it’s called an MWE - the point is to only post code which illustrates your specific problem. In your case an MWE is:

julia> using Plots

julia> pie(["Y", "N"], [25, 75])

and one answer to annotating the plot is:

julia> annotate!([-0.25, 0.25], [-0.25, 0.25], ["75%", "25%"])