Correct constraint statement

In this constraint k goes from 1 to end but with step equal to in “interval” (scalar equal to 20 for example):

‘’‘rawmbal1[r in RAW, k in 1…end by interval: k==1],
INV[r,k]=invraw[r,k]-sum(PRD[o,f,p,j,t]*demraw[p,r] for o in O,f in F, p in PRC[f], j in U, t in k…k+interval-1: ord(o)<=23 and ord(f)<=13 and ord(p)<=45)’‘’

ord(o)<=23 - takes only 23 elements of an array in consideration
similar with ord(f) and ord(p).
Do you have some suggestion how to make a correct statement in Julia by solving these two issues.

To construct a range that takes a non-1 step size, you can do 1:step:end. Hope that helps.

Also, please make it easier to help you


excellent, thank you.