Where to find tutors for Julia?

I started using Julia for a research project with a learning by doing attitude. Before heading to my project, I learned basic Julia syntax and features. Now I have been working on my project for a couple of weeks. Since there are tasks that aren’t as standard as simple examples in the manual and I don’t have a solid techinical background (though I do a PhD), I got stuck and couldn’t get enough timely help from the Internet. I found that a lot of time was spent on struggling on things that I don’t have a good sense, but an expert could easily identify the issue and explain it to me (or point me to the right reading material). Ideally, I would prefer to systematically learn Julia and numerical methods, but the research project has a tight schedule so it would be more practical to focus on learning what’s needed along the way and let the knowledge accumulate over time. This is also how I learned Matlab and SAS in the past.

For this reason, I was wondering whether there is a way to find a tutor who can give suggestions and answer questions related to a specific well-defined project. I will be happy to offer a compensation for his/her time and help. Any thoughts on this?

Hi @DShiu,

this is something that I currently offer. You can read more about that here and feel free to reach out to me if you have questions or other wishes.


That’s the only way to learn :wink: Tutoring aside (maybe someone here is willing to do it), my advice to you would be to:

  • Go through the Julia resources online Get started with Julia.
  • Start with simple toy projects before committing fully and ask questions here when you are struggling.
  • Find a sub-community in the Julia community that is doing work similar to what you are doing. For example, optimisation, machine learning, physics simulation, statistics, graph theory, etc.
  • Try to be “involved” in the development of some package that is developed or maintained by that sub-community. This could be just improving their documentation or it could be actually implementing a new feature that you need for your work or just in return for their mentoring. That’s a way to “compensate” people for their time helping you by contributing to their Julia packages.
  • If you still have questions when writing your research code, try coming up with a minimal example and ask here and people will be happy to help. See Please read: make it easier to help you for some tips on how to do that.

This is not to say that a personal tutor is not going to be useful but there are other ways to learn Julia too. Good luck :slight_smile:


Thanks, these are very good suggestions!

I could also offer you to work as mentor, but I do not know which is your field of research, and of course my knowledge is somewhat specialized. If you are interested drop me a private message.

Dr. Uwe Fechner