[ANN] Juno 0.6.7



Do you mean that your scrolling with your mousewheel only works when you have text selected? If so, then that’s absolutely not intended – what OS are you on?

Probably at PlotlyJS.jl. I cannot reproduce this though when using PlotlyJS.jl directly or through Plots.jl.

Eh, fair enough. It’s basically an artifact of having both the new and old console and me being too lazy to have seperate commands/meu entries etc for both.


Oh sorry, I didn’t say that I was using a laptop without mouse :shame: Today, on my desktop, everything is fine, including the scrollbar.


I probably should also have said, that’s my only gripe in a setup that’s otherwise fantastic. Love the new REPL, really love the documentation pane. Just keeps getting better and better! Thanks for all your work!


I sometimes get confused with the words console and terminal (at least on Windows).
I’m not sure whether they refer to Julia REPL or Windows command interpreter (cmd or powershell).
So I agree some consistency here would be good, and perhaps explicit “Julia [REPL|terminal|console]”


I also have issues with the scrolling. I can not grab the scrollbar of the REPL with the mouse, trying to do so only highlights text in the REPL. It behaves as if the scrollbar wasn’t there, but a wide scrollbar is displayed and the appearance of the scrollbar when I scroll with the mouse wheel is as expected.


julia-client has started to hang frequently for me. I can reproduce it perfectly by calling a particular function, but am struggling to produce a MWE. The output in the developer console when I kill julia (Ctrl-K) is as follows.
The function that causes julia to hang is

function correct!(kf::AbstractKalmanFilter, y, t = index(kf))
    @unpack C,x,R,R2,R2d = kf
    e   = y-C*x
    K   = (R*C')/(C*R*C' + R2)
    x .+= K*e
    R  .= (I - K*C)*R
    logpdf(R2d, e)

and I know the function should throw an exception due to a method error (from calling it in a regular terminal REPL)

Uncaught (in promise) disconnected
misc.coffee [sm]:30 Julia Boot: 35.42s
evaluation.coffee [sm]:44 Error: Something went wrong while evaluating.
(anonymous)	@	evaluation.coffee [sm]:44
internal/process/next_tick.js:103 Uncaught (in promise) disconnected
internal/process/next_tick.js:103 Uncaught (in promise) disconnected
internal/process/next_tick.js:103 Uncaught (in promise) disconnected

atom version 1.24.0
all atom packages updated
julia> Pkg.status(“Atom”)

  • Atom 0.6.9


I have long been a REPL and vim fan, but I have to say, Juno has some great features, especially for presenting code to an audience (line by line, or block execution, inspecting the output of each line). Thanks!


Can you open an issue over at Juno.jl about this and specify what packages are needed to repro the problems?


I’m struggling with producing an MWE, the error involves lots of local code and data. Are there any other place other than the developer console that presents useful debugging I can provide?


How could I configure the Console to show a complete vector and not leave out the middle elements and just show the first and last bit?


Hi there, I am very new to Julia and have the basic problem also stated by other users above. When I use Julia 0.5.2 with Atom I get the warnings like:
WARNING: Atom.jl: unrecognised message changemodule.
WARNING: Atom.jl: unrecognised message validatepath.

(I don’t get these problems when I use Julia 0.6.2 however I want to continue using 0.5.2 because of how the code is written & because of breakpoints in the Gallium package)

Is there any way of using Atom with an older version of Julia?


Is there any way of using Atom with an older version of Julia?

You’ll need to use the correct versions of the Atom packages, which can be installed with

apm install julia-client@0.5.12
apm install ink@0.6.3

I have no clue if that’ll work with current versions of Atom itself though.


Thanks a lot. Another very novice question: does this command work for Windows also/what is the windows equivalent? I couldn’t get it to.


It should work on Windows, yes:

C:\Users\pfitzseb\Dokumente\Git\atom-julia-client>apm install julia-client@0.5.12
Installing julia-client@0.5.12 to C:\Users\pfitzseb\.atom\packages done


Would be great.



for being able to manually set Julia startup options.


So the way to get the toned-down REPL would be to supply --quiet as a startup argument, and use OhMyRepl for the >, as you suggest - you’re not planning on implementing a “style”?


I’ve added an option to that PR to change the REPL prompt now:


I still get the WARNING: Atom.jl: unrecognised message changemodule obsessively repeated. All Julia packages are up to date and Atom is running on 1.24.0 with all packages up to date (MacOS).

Another question is, can it be made to save the layout of the panels? The REPL seems to have this bad habit of showing somewhere else upon restart, the Plots pane does not want to stay hidden, etc.

Neat upon closing:

Messy upon restart:


Uh… can you check if you have the option Use Standard Layout enabled in the julia-client settings? If so, disable it and try again. If that doesn’t work then the problem is probably fixed on master, I hope.

Also, are you sure you’re on the latest version of Atom.jl (0.6.10)?