unrecognised message validatepath


My Julia Version 0.5 code is working correctly, but I get many of this:
“WARNING: Atom.jl: unrecognised message validatepath”.

Questions: is this important and how can I get rid of it?
Note: for the moment I should like to keep Version 5.0 as I did not yet succeed in running Version 6.2 with Atom.


Are you starting with a clean install?

I’m pretty sure at this point everyone would recommend rather strongly not to use 0.5. We are on the cusp of the 0.7 release after which there will be no breaking changes until 2.0, so suffice it to say 0.5 is rather “ancient”.

Could you perhaps tell us what problems you had with 0.6.2 and perhaps we could focus on resolving those instead of getting 0.5 going?


Your comment convinces me. I had my doubts already. So I want to try 0.6.2 again.

The problem I had was that after I installed 0.6.2 it didn’t work together with Atom. So I couldn’t run my codes.

What do you mean exactly with a clean install?

I didn’t delete my old 0.5, but rather installed 0.6.2 in the same directory, and in the config file of Atom I simply changed 5 into 6 in the path to Julia.

Naive I’m afraid.

Could you please tell what I can best do now to switch to 0.6.2?


What I meant by a clean install was whether or not you had existing 0.6 packages installed. Julia separates packages for different versions, so your existing 0.5 packages shouldn’t matter. The reason I asked is that the current package manager is a bit wonky and sometimes can prevent things from updating properly (it will be replaced soon). I suggest that you do Pkg.update() regardless.

I’m not sure exactly what you mean by “didn’t work with Atom”. Atom has a relatively mature Julia plugin called Juno which you should definitely install if you plan to use Atom. If you are still shopping around IDE’s, it seems to me that lately a lot of people are switching to VS Code which is really nice (I personally like it better than Atom, but I use vim so I’m not sure my opinion is relevant). You can find a Julia plugin for VS Code here.

I’m not quite sure what you mean by “installed 0.6 in the same directory” but as long as you run the binary for 0.6 it shouldn’t matter. You shouldn’t need to delete any of your 0.5 stuff, although I have no idea how the set up in Atom works, so I don’t know if anything will try to default to 0.5.


Thank you.

Meanwhile I switched back to version 5.2, did Pkg.update(), and installed the latest version of Juno.

I’m very happy that it works now.

I only had to change to the dot versions: sqrt.(x), abs.(x) and round.(x).

Now it still only warns that readtable is deprecated, so I guess I have to change my space-separated data files to comma-separated.


It has been deprecated in favor of CSV.jl. One should do using CSV and then CSV.read. There is an option to set the separator, see the documentation.

A bit of warning, many of these packages are unlikely to support 0.5 much longer (if they even do now), I recommend that you try to get things going in 0.6. After 0.7 there will be no more breaking changes until 2.0 (years from now) so don’t worry, it won’t always be like this.


I have it all working now in 0.6.

Thanks a lot for all your help.