[ANN] Juno 0.6.7



I cannot get the “Terminal” window in the right-hand side corner. When I do “Open terminal”, I get an independent terminal window, outside of the editor.


There should be a “New Terminal” command which fits what you want.


Many thanks, that worked.

How about using a different shell? Could I set the Shell to "C:\Program Files\Git\git-bash.exe"?

Your help is much appreciated!

PS: So far Juno looks GREAT!


Yeah, that should work – you can set the julia-client “Shell” setting to whatever you want.


Unfortunately I am not getting a prompt: nothing happens after the pane appears.


Did you enter the path with quotes? If so, try without. If that still doesn’t work, can you check the Atom dev console (opened via Ctrl-Shift-I) for errors?


OK, one thing I figured out: it must be C:\Program Files\Git\git-bash.exe not "C:\Program Files\Git\git-bash.exe". But: the terminal opens in an outside window.


Can you open an issue about this at Juno.jl? I’ll take a look at that tomorrow.


Done. Many thanks.


@pfitzseb, thank you for the answer, and effort you are putting in the project!
Do you know what caused that slowness? I’m asking because other Juno tabs seem to do not suffer from these problems, even when I evaluate some code in the files.
If you have time, could you please suggest something about

I suspect that I’m missing something, but for me Julia REPL has only tab completion and basic syntax highlighting, which in turn are inferior to the good old Console, and I’m not aware of any other useful features (interfaces). Or maybe I’m mistaking features for internal interfaces? But if you talked about internal interfaces, I thought that Atom uses a separate Julia kernel, not a REPL as a backend.


Well, our console implementation isn’t particularly optimized – getting good performance for basically arbitraily complicated objects isn’t easy. I’m not saying it couldn’t be done, but it’s not really something I want to spend that much time on due to the other point I brought up.

There’s for example ProgressMeters.jl, ASTInterpreter2.jl and many more packages that implement some kind of terminal based UI. Unfortunately those are fundamentally incompatible with the old HTML based console. Furthermore, all new REPL modes (like the pkg> mode in the upcoming Pkg3) would require either special casing on our side or some very tricky code to implement them generally.


Thank you so much for your most detailed response!! I took some time to play with the updated Atom and the debugger. Here are my further questions and comments (sorry!!):

Thanks for the hint!! I have updated Atom.jl. A naive question - I thought Atom is independent from Julia and serves as the IDE for using Julia. Why am I able to update Atom via Julia? It’s kind of counter-intuitive.

Here is exactly what I meant. I’m debugging something absolutely bug-free, at least bug-free with command-line-based debugger. It’s very hard to offer a MWE for this. But the code for generating these errors is extremely simple, just three lines of code, using a few packages. I can furnish my code (by filing a ticket on github) if you think it might be useful.

So far, these internal errors seem to not affect the debugging. It has only be very disturbing or misguiding.

I see what you mean and you’re probably right. Just curious - If the REPL is used only for evaluation in debugging mode, how can one call these to-be-added atom commands if there are no buttons at all for them?

Fair enough. Then is it possible to have a toggle for users to adopt the way they like?

Yes, saw this after updating everything. It’s just amazing!!

One more thought - Currently, to ‘enter’ a line, I have to run the file once first and then add the @enter macro manual at the beginning of the line. If this is a line where I have a variable set by the value on the right-hand side of an equal sign, I also have to remove the variable on the left-hand side as well as the equal sign. These significantly drag the speed of the debugging work and it is very very error-prone as I have to modify the code unnecessarily. I really wish that debugging can start as simply as in Matlab - one can start debugging from the first line of the code or the line where the cursor is by just clicking one button. In gdb, this can be done by run. It’s just so convenient. I know this is beyond just the juno wrapper for the debugger, but I wonder if there is any reason preventing Julia from doing that.

Thanks a lot, buddy!!


You can’t – Atom.jl is a Julia package that provides core functionality for communicating with Atom the editor. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the screenshot – that bug should be fixed on master.

Open the command pane (Ctrl-Shift-P) and type in the command.


So, are you recommending that I check out by Pkg.checkout('Atom.jl')? Or shall I wait until a new version is tagged?

That’s even more complicated. :confused:

So, you don’t buy this idea, do you? Thanks!!


Depends on how annyoing those warnings are for you. New version of Atom.jl might be out by the end of this week, but not sure yet.

Well, you can also assign a keybinding to it then :slight_smile:

Hm. We could have that, I suppose. You can also work around it by double-clicking the editor’s tab – that’ll switch it from a “pending” editor (indicated by italics) to a normal one, which will cause the debugger to open a new pending editor if you step to another file.

That’s a good idea. Wanna open an issue at Juno.jl so we can discuss this further?


Thank you for the answers! I agree that at the moment it looks like the most sensible solution.


OK, so now I get the terminal to run git bash. How about the REPL: could that run julia in a bash? That would enable all the nice Unix commands (ls, pwd, …) from within the Julia prompt…

Atom as IDE for Julia

Many thanks for your work, I like Juno !

A stupid question: how to scroll through the displayed results on the new console ? The right scrollbar is very thin and doesn’t seem to work. I can scroll only while selecting the text displayed, a pair of keys for scrolling (up, down) would be nice.


Thanks for the new Juno, it is truly an invaluable addition to the Julia set of tools.

Since the last update, plotlyjs does not resize in the plot plane anymore. Should I post the issue here or on PlotlyJS.jl?


Minor gripe: the window for the REPL is called “REPL,” but everything else refers to it as “terminal.”