[ANN] Juno 0.6

Hi everyone,

we have finished work on Juno 0.6, which brings quite a few new features:

  • In-editor profile viewer (PR, docs)
  • Overhauled inline results (PR)
  • Full compatibility with Julia 0.6 (except for the debugger, which is disabled until a 0.6 compatible version of Gallium.jl is available)
  • .junorc.jl support
  • More powerful Juno.jl frontend
  • Lots of bugfixes

It is recommended that you use Atom 1.17 or higher with this release, even though everything should work fine with Atom 1.16.
Julia 0.6.0-rc1 or higher is required for the new features.

Should you find any bugs or want to request a feature, please open an issue at Juno.jl. Usage questions etc are best asked in the Gitter chat or here.

Mike & Seb


Great news, congrats! What’s the process for upgrading to the new version?

Atom should notify you that there are updates for julia-client and ink, so install these and do a Pkg.update() afterwards. Restart Atom and you should be good to go!

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Any word on when we may get Gallium/AST updates to work with Julia 0.6? Not having the debugger working is a pain.


No clue – @Keno probably knows more though :slight_smile:

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I can’t get the profiler graph to work. The pane shows up but I can’t see anything. It seems the lines are all bunched up at the top. The line time overlay works (pretty awesome btw).

Yeah, that’s my bad, I messed something up in an earlier patch. Should be fixed with ink v0.7.4.

The latest version of Juno not only brings a couple of bugfixes, but also some exciting new features:

  1. The documentation browser I’ve worked on during GSoC is now included in the main release (look for “Documentation Browser” in the menu/toolbar/command pane):

  2. Juno’s plot pane now supports basic zoom controls (see here for a gif):

Make sure you’re on the latest version of Atom as well as Juno’s Atom and Julia packages to get the new goodies! :slight_smile:

Feel free to open issues at the Juno.jl repo if you find bugs etc or ask questions in the Gitter or Slack channels.


Just updated to latest version of ink & julia-client and autocompletion is alot speedier. Awesome work! Much appreciated!

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Thanks to @Keno’s great work with ASTInterpreter2.jl, Juno now supports stepping through code again. Update the Atom packages and also Pkg.update() to go steppin’! :slight_smile:

Simply type @enter yourexpression (example above is @enter gcd(2,3)) and you’ll be good to go.

As always, feel free to open issues if you find bugs etc or ask questions in the Gitter or Slack channels.


This is very cool. Is there a keyboard shortcut to continue to the next step?

F10 by default, IIRC, but you can set a different one if you want.

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I have trouble installing Juno. I keep getting an error when Julia-client is being installed. I have checked my Internet connection but have had trouble several times.


Sooo… what error are you getting? :slight_smile:


Juno: Error installing package julia-client
Please check your internet connection, or report this to
and we’ll try to help.
Error: Installing “julia-client@0.6.8” failed.

There is not much information here. I have not had problems installing some other packages in Atom.