[ANN] Juno 0.8.7

Hey folks,

Juno 0.8.7 is out and brings an updated Debugger along with a few bugfixes and small features:


  • Setting breakpoints in files does not require Revise anymore.
  • Run in Compiled Mode toggle when debugging (#299).
  • Both Break on Exception and Break on Uncaught Exception are now implemented.
  • Search in Workspace/Documentation panes is automatically focused (#200).
  • Added return-from-goto command (#170).
  • stdlib paths printed in the REPL are now clickable.
  • Packages in the Open Package As Project Folder and Open Package In New Window commands are now sorted alphabetically.


  • The debug REPL now properly respects what stackframe you have selected (#287).
  • Terminal options are now properly persisted when Atom is restarted.
  • Font and fontsize in workspace/documentation pane are now correctly set (#202).
  • Hopefully fix the problems with updating julia-client and ink on Windows.


Important : Restart Atom before updating julia-client or ink and do not start a Julia session.

If that does not work, close all Atom instances and type

apm update

into a terminal. If that also doesn’t work, try

apm uninstall ink
apm uninstall julia-client
apm install ink
apm install julia-client


Package Versions

As always, make sure all Julia and Atom packages are up-to-date:

  • julia-client version 0.8.9
  • ink version 0.10.10
  • Atom.jl version 0.8.7
  • Juno.jl version 0.7.0

After updating package julia-client to version 0.8.5 (and ink to 0.10.8), I got a nasty bug “Failed to activate julia-client”. I uninstalled it and used

apm install julia-client@0.8.3

to resume working with Atom/julia. My versions of Atom and Juno are up-to-date:

(v1.0) pkg> st
    Status `~/.julia/environments/v1.0/Project.toml`
  [c52e3926] Atom v0.8.7
  [e5e0dc1b] Juno v0.7.0

That sounds weird. Please post the error you’re getting should you try to update again.

The error is (julia-client 0.8.6):

Failed to activate the julia-client package
Cannot set property 'scrollback' of undefined
The error was thrown from the julia-client package.

I’m also told that “this issue has already been reported”

Do you need stack trace ? My OS is Ubuntu 18.04.

Under win10x64 julia-client is hanging at updating(without any message). After Atom restarting i got the error message as above ( “Failed to activate julia-client” ). After uninstalling the julia-client and Atom restarting + client reinstallation. It seems that everything goes OK (but without any message about successfull installation)

julia-client 0.8.7 should fix that Cannot set property 'scrollback' of undefined bug, so give that a go!

Sorry, julia-client 0.8.7 doesn’t fix the bug on my computer. Same message as 0.8.6 (see above).

Meh. julia-client 0.8.8 should fix this for good, I hope. Always a bit annoying to try to fix bug I can’t reproduce.

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Yeahhh, it’s ok, congratulations !

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