Pycharm with Julia 1.0?

The only GUI I’ve found so far working with Julia 1.0 is Juno, but it’s quite slow.
I’ve been looking for Jupyter and VS Code alternatives and found Pycharm.
Has anyone tried Pycharm with Julia 1.0?
It’s supposed to work well:

They have free, community, educational and professional versions.

PyCharm is not noticeably faster than Atom…

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Looks interesting, but how does one use it? I couldn’t make it work. Could you?

If you want speed speed speed, sublime text 3 is your friend.

You can use Julia plugin for PyCharm.
It’s useful when you want to code Python and Julia at the same time.

Has anyone gotten this to work?

PyCharm/Julia Plugin installed fine on my Ubuntu but I couldn’t manage to start the REPL.

[Background: After 6 months of trying, I still couldn’t get Atom to work on Ubuntu (18.04) so decided to try another IDE. The setup for
Julia Studio was long and involved and didn’t work, but I managed to install PyCharm and the Julia plugin without a problem.]

Can anyone help with this (or any other free IDE that works well on Ubuntu)?

Thanks in advance!

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I’ve had success with Atom on Ubuntu 18.04. Did you open a thread to report the installation error?

One alternative to Atom is Visual Studio Code. In my experience, that also works well with Ubuntu 18.04.

Hi and Thanks.

I have mentioned the installation error before on here, but as it was purely an ‘Atom’ issue I posted a question on StackOverflow. From the first, Atom installed and started up fine, but the Welcome window is blank with no menus and no response. [In the meantime, I have been developing on my Mac and using scp back and forth alot, or occasionally using an Emacs shell on the Ubuntu machine which is a little clunky but works OK].

Thanks for the suggestion about Visual Studio Code. I will try that one.
I don’t even know if PyCharm/Julia is being actively supported, but the plugin updates do seem to include 2020.

It is a community maintained plugin, to the best of my knowledge. So it would help to file issues in the github repo:


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OK - thanks, I’ve done that.

I could never get Julia working with IntelliJ IDEA. The config description is not that clear.

I am using Debian (SparkyLinux) and works here: on the ‘Tools’ menu item I select ‘Julia Tools’ and then ‘Julia REPL’. Instructions are to ignore any error messages.
By the way, I find the ‘Julia Tools’ option grayed out if I am not on the Project or coding windows.