Julia on Atom, no uber-juno found

I usually run Julia with Atom/Juno, but I had to reinstall the whole operative system (Ubuntu 22.04) and now the new Atom installation does not find uber-juno, juno, and actually does not give any packages:

I have also seen on the Atom forum that atom “is dying” .
So, can I still run Julia with Atom? If not, what is the best new IDE for Julia?

VS Code is where most of our community moved:



Did you actually still run Julia on Juno until recently? That’s impressive, I thought I was one of the last holdouts but even I moved to VSCode probably three years ago…


I used it till last December… I liked Atom.

Juno is definitely easier to use than vs-code in many aspects …

“is” or “was”. I never managed to get Juno to work satisfactorily, but that was several computers ago. VS Code is not my usual development application, but when I do use it, it’s pretty good.

I now have Julia on VS up and running. Pity for Juno. Tx

As people say VS Code is (used currently and for) the future.

But if you liked Atom, then the Zed editor from the same people may be of interest (see my thread on it in “offtopic”). It doesn’t have extensions yet, but planned. If it will have VS Code extensions, then great! Possibly Atom, i.e. uber-juno could work, thought doubt it, also wouldn’t be for the future, since no longer maintained.