I can not make Julia run inside Atom

I can not make Julia run inside Atom.
All the time I receive the following alert:

But if i start in cmd, it start for sure…

And i already unstall and re-install but still didn’t work… can anyone help me pls ? Thanks.

Unfortunately Atom (Juno) is no longer supported (see their front page - https://junolab.org/), the recommended IDE is now VS code - https://www.julia-vscode.org/

This is probably because Atom cannot find the executable (julia.exe). The same issue was reported here (HELP! "Julia could not be started " - #4 by Iulian.Cioarca), and there is a nice explanation from @Iulian.Cioarca

Go to the menu bar at the top of Atom. You should have a Juno tab with a lot of options. Scroll down to settings, and the Julia Client settings pane will open. There you will find a Julia executable path. Fill it with the julia.exe like: C:\Julia-1.3.1\bin\julia.exe.

The path should have the version number from your installation, and if you installed it in the default location, it should be C:\Julia-1.8.2\bin\julia.exe.

Apart from that, I would also follow @jmair 's suggestion and switch to Visual Studio Code. Combined with the Julia extension, it gives a much better experience. I switched a few months ago myself.
Here is a great tutorial video Setting Up VS Code for Julia | Talk Julia #11 - YouTube

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Atom is no longer supported, but you can use Julia 1.7 with Atom and it will work. But not all packages will work stable.

VS Code have good support of Julia.