PyPlot cannot be used in Juno, stopped

When I tried to import PyPlot or PyCall in Juno, it stopped and give no response for a long time.
I restarted Atom and run “using PyPlot” in the Juno console window, and got the similar problem. The other packages works fine. I also tried
visual studio code-julia and PyCharm-Julia, there is no similar problem. Juno is the first GUI I used for Julia language and is very convenient. But there are problems from time to time and make me feel that it is not so stable.

The system information is as follows:


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After reinstalling the Atom , try-and-error many times, I found the following solution.
(a) change Julia-client setting
Console options Style from “Legacy” to “REPL-based”

(2) Run Julia plotting code
and show the figure on the plot window using the following line