JuliaPro Plotting in Juno is not functional


I just installed JuliaPro ( on a Windows 10 Box.

I tried this in the Atom editor:

import PyPlot

x = linspace(0,2pi,1000); y = sin(3x + 4cos(2x));


Got the result:

WARNING: No working GUI backend found for matplotlib

I can open a julia REPL and this code works. Is plotting not supported?


I have just installed JuliaPro- (OSX) and PyPlot works (see the code below) but without the integration in the Atom editor: the figure appears as a stand alone window (in background, actually).

using PyPlot
x = 0:0.001:6
y = sin(x)

If I am not wrong, only Gadfly is supported in terms of seamless integration in Atom (or at least this was the situation last time I tried to look into it).
Hope it helps.


Plots.jl makes PyPlot support the Juno plotpane.


I have the same problem. I can’t plot in Juno nor in the REPL.
What is missing?