Juno toolbar not showing on my Windows 10 setup

I have installed Atom and installed the package “julia-client 0.6.10” on my Windows 10 machine. In the UI Options I checked Enable toolbar and in the console options I checked “First Boot” and “Enable Tool Bar” then I restarted Atom.

The tool bar still didn’t appear. Is this a known bug? I checked this issue https://github.com/JunoLab/atom-julia-client/issues/435 and I have done “Enable menu and enable tool bar” but the tool bar still doesn’t appear.

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Did you try the Tool Bar: Toggle command as well?

I can confirm this behavior and Toggle Bar: Toggle does not help. I even tried to uninstall every package and reinstall uber-juno.

I am currently doing OK since I can access everything on the toolbar by ctrl-shift-p and I actually kind of hate the lookings of toolbar. So maybe it’s a chance for me to get rid of it.

It occurred a couple days ago when I was updating julia-client and ink behind my company’s proxy(the internet was laggy, the update failed several times, which I thought was the problem, but maybe not). I finally fixed it by completely uninstalling Atom and reinstalling uber-juno: https://discuss.atom.io/t/how-to-completely-uninstall-atom-from-windows/17338. Caveat: you will lose all of Atom settings, don’t forget to backup before you delete these folders.

Maybe you can experiment with your atom config files to try to retain the settings that don’t affect the issue

I tried the complete uninstall method but it is still having the same issues.

I had to run the command Tool Bar: Toggle in the command pallet Ctrl + Shift + P.


You may open “Julia Client: Settings”, goto “UI Options”, and check “Enable Toolbar”.


I had this issue as well. Ctrl + Alt + T wasn’t doing it, but there was a nearly imperceptible jitter on the left hand side every time I hit that key combination, and “Julia Client” didn’t have a settings button. Uninstalling and reinstalling julia-client fixed it for me.

Thanks, this worked for me.