Uber-juno init

I’m on a work laptop, and I installed Julia and Atom using choco (I’m on windows 10).

I also used the atom package manager to install uber-juno.

However, the initial open of Atom fails to download the tool-bar. It says maybe it’s my internet connection, and if its not to tell http://discuss.junolab.org (which doesn’t seem to go anywhere).

I tried it again with hotspot from my phone and it happened again.

I would like to use Juno at work.

What do?

Can you try installing toolbar (or any other package) manually?

As in: apm install tool-bar

or something else?

Yes, either like that or through the Atom UI.

Thank you!

For some reason my shell was able to download all of the remaining uber-juno dependencies, while the Atom UI was unable to do so.

I had to install all of the following one-by-one as Atom discovered which package it still needed for uber-juno. Condensed to one apm call:

apm install tool-bar indent-detective latex-completions language-julia ink julia-client