JuliaCon Proceedings 2023: Timeline?

Since I couldn’t find a discussion about this anywhere, I figured to start a post here. Having read the docs about the proceedings and having looked at some previous publications, the only info I miss is the timeline. Can we (the authors) start submitting our papers right away ? Also, are there any hard deadlines between the different phases or it’s pretty much fluid ?

Hi @filchristou, you might want to take a look at the Slack thread about the JuliaCon Proceedings 2023. There seems to be some organisational issues at the moment.

Hope it helps.

Hi there!
There will be an announcement coming soon on Discourse and the proceedings website, we will not be able to accept submissions for a month as we are upgrading our infrastructure, paper submissions will then be open again.

Feel free to ask if you have further questions!

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Thank you @mbesancon for the update.

Are there any incompatibilities between JCON and JOSS: if we already published a JOSS paper describing our package can we still submit an article to JCON?

I believe, we should be guided by a purely academic criterion:

Does the second paper present significant information that deserves publication that has not been included in the first paper?

Yes, I agree. I would submit only in case we could release a new breaking version of the package with a significant amount of issues being solved.

Yes, @pitsianis’s answer summarizes it well, as with any paper, you would have to reference the first paper, show what is different in the paper and in the software, and demonstrate that the differences are interesting enough in themselves.

Thank you @mbesancon for the confirmation.