Update on the JuliaCon Proceedings for 2023-24


Here are some updates on the JuliaCon Proceedings:

  1. The editorial team has been refreshed and we will continue reviewing all of your submissions (as of this notice), including our backlog.

  2. The technical infrastructure of the JuliaCon proceedings is currently being overhauled and upgraded. We will not be able to accept new submissions for a month, until the 30th of September. We thank you for your understanding, and hope to see your submission then.

If you have submitted a paper before this announcement, it will be reviewed as usual, using our old infrastructure.

More details here: https://proceedings.juliacon.org.

On behalf of the JuliaCon Proceedings Editorial Board,
Ranjan Anantharaman
Executive Chair, JuliaCon 2023


Hey JuliaCon Proceedings Staff, has the infrastructure been refreshed sufficiently as of today? Or are things still being refreshed?


Hey @ranjan ! Just curious if there any update here? The website still announce that submissions are not open.

The editorial review process is upgraded to use the new editorialbot of JOSS. The last meeting of the JuliaCon Editorial board was not well attended because it coincided with the JuliaCon Local Eindhoven 2023. There should be an update on or shortly after Dec. 14. I believe the last issue that is resolved is the unanticipated funding to cover the required hosting service.