JuliaCon Proceedings now open

The new Editorial Board of the Proceedings of the JuliaCon Conferences is excited to announce that submissions for contributions are open again.

We are currently accepting submissions for work presented at JuliaCon 2023. Submission is open until the end of May 2024.

Further details and the submission link can be found on the proceedings website: https://proceedings.juliacon.org

Submissions for contributions from JuliaCon 2024 will open later this year, after JuliaCon 2024.

The Proceedings of the JuliaCon Conferences was given a major infrastructure update. Kudos to the actors and do not hesitate to report any issue you may encounter while going through the submission, revision and publication process.

We’re very much looking forward to receiving your latest Julia advances.

Note: After you submit your paper, the website may display an error page; this is a remaining bug. Upon successful submission you should receive a confirmation email.

The Editorial Team


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Hello everyone,The JuliaCon proceedings completed an overhaul of the infrastructure and is open to submissions. We are accepting proceedings linked to JuliaCon talks from previous editions (submissions for JuliaCon 2024 will open after the conference).

We invite those interested in submitting to read the instructions at https://proceedings.juliacon.org/ and guide at JuliaCon proceedings guide

Papers submitted before the end of May (in two weeks!) will be given priority for the assignment of reviewers.Looking forward to your submissions,

The JuliaCon Proceedings Editorial Team