JuliaCon Proceedings 2022

Hello everyone,

We hope you are all enjoying JuliaCon 2022!

Like every year since the 2019 edition, the JuliaCon proceedings will be accepting extended abstract and full-length papers.

The JuliaCon proceedings are an initiative of the conference, every speaker has the opportunity to write up an article corresponding to their talk and submit it to the JuliaCon proceedings. We accept extended abstracts (1 page without citations) and full-sized papers (8 pages).

We would like to thank all the authors (for writing fantastic articles and for their patience), the reviewers (for their valuable contributions), and the Open Journals (especially Arfon Smith) for their infrastructure and technical support.

If you are interested in reviewing some proceedings, register at the following link: https://forms.gle/Zr9jNaWg45qkAWKT6.

More information on the proceedings, the expectations and examples of published papers can be found on the proceedings website: https://proceedings.juliacon.org/

The important dates:

  • September 30th for submissions of both formats
  • October-November to find reviewers
  • December-March: deadlines for reviews

If you are interested in volunteering as an Editor or Reviewer please contact one of us!

Kind regards,

@carstenbauer @vchuravy @ranjan and Mathieu
JuliaCon proceedings editors


are the proceedings only for normal / lightning talks or do they extend also to poster presentations?

Good point, a poster presentation can work. In any case the acceptance of a paper is not implied by the acceptance of a contribution (talk, LT, poster)

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Is there any recommendation on the typesetting of package names, type names, and what else may be distinguished (e.g. urls)?

Hey JuliaCon Proceedings Organizers!

Is there any way to apply for an extension for this deadline? Been working on a submission but ran into a snag with a couple important other deadlines that I am chasing down.


~ tcp :deciduous_tree:


I’m in the same boat :sweat: any chance we can still submit?

Hi all,

sorry for the delay, yes submissions are still possible :slight_smile:

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Been struck down by Covid this week, but planning to submit by Monday the latest. Sorry for any inconvenience caused and thanks for still accepting submissions :pray: