JuliaCon 2020 Proceedings

Hello everyone,

We hope you had a fantastic JuliaCon 2020! We always enjoy learning about the breadth and drive of the community, as well as meeting old and new friends.

Last year we decided to have conference proceedings for the first time and we are happy and proud to announce that the first set of articles has been published! We are still working on the last few and they will be published on a rolling basis.

We would like to thank all the authors (for writing fantastic articles and for their patience), the reviewers (for their valuable contributions), and the Open Journals (especially Arfon Smith) for their infrastructure and technical support.

So what is next? Every speaker of this JuliaCon edition has the opportunity to write up an article corresponding to their talk and submit it to the JuliaCon proceedings. We accept extended abstracts (1 page without citations ) and full-sized papers (8 pages).

The important dates:

September 30th: article submission of at https://proceedings.juliacon.org

Mid-october: Paper must be finalized & compilable. Authors should suggest a set of reviewers.

October-June: Review period

Published date: July 2021

We are still working on the website with all the details and information about the process.

If you are interested in volunteering as an Editor or Reviewer please contact one of us!

Kind regards,

Mathieu, Valentin, and Ranjan,
JuliaCon proceedings editors

(@mbesancon @vchuravy @ranjan )


I am a little confused about the submission process of the JuliaCon 2020 Proceedings. In the typical paper submission flow section of the docs of the Proceedings, it is written that the authors have to write a short paper in Markdown format using paper.md as file name, including a title, summary, author names, affiliations, and key references. The paper.md and paper.bib(that includes the references) files must be uploaded to the software repository of the paper. In this format, a “full length” paper is not permitted. But, the papers listed on the website of the Proceedings are full-length papers. So, the questions are:

  1. Do the authors have to follow this short paper format explained in the docs?
  2. If not, is there a template for the papers(1 page extended abstract or full-length paper) to be submitted? I could not see a template for the articles on the website of the Proceedings, but I found it from the GitHub repository. If this template can be used, I think there should be a link to this template on the website of the Proceedings.
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Hi, thanks for noticing it, the link seems to bring you to https://joss.readthedocs.io/ which is the template we used from the Journal of Open-Source Software (who helped us set up a pipeline based on their infrastructure)

The documentation to look at should be here instead:
https://proceedings.juliacon.org/ but instructions seem to have disappeared when we updated it

The best template to look at for now is here:

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