How can I reset my Julia path in Atom?

I upgraded to the latest versions of both Julia and Atom on Windows 10 Pro. I used the Windows uninstaller to uninstall the older versions; after that I deleted the .atom and .julia subfolders in my Users folder to make sure I’d have a clean install. I then installed Julia 1.5.2, and then Atom 1.51.0. I followed the instructions for setting up the uber-juno package. But when I try to start Julia from Atom I get the message:
Julia could not be started.
Couldn’t resolve version.
We tried to launch julia. This path can be changed in the settings.

I looked in Settings, but couldn’t find a way to change the path. Is there some other file I could change, like a .json file that points to Julia?

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Ran into the same problem with a fresh install on my Windows 10 Pro machine. Resolved the problem by updating my windows Path environment variable. To do that,

  1. Search on “env” in the windows search bar,
  2. Select “edit environment variables for your account”,
  3. Click on “new” path
  4. Add the path (example: “C:\Users*youraccount*\AppData\Local\Programs\Julia 1.5.2\bin”)