How to change Juno's Julia executable path?

I installed Julia v0.7 to test out some packages and set Juno’s Julia executable path to v0.7. Some packages were breaking and I needed to run some code so I switched back to v0.6.4 but every time I start Atom, the setting is back to v0.7.0 i.e. the Julia executable path is pointed back to v0.7. I even tried to uninstall v0.7 and reinstall v0.6.4 and uninstalled Juno and reinstalled it.

Is it a setting that I need to change to make the change permanent? I am on Windows 10.

Yeah, there’s a weird bug with this (and I’m pretty sure it’s unrelated to Juno). Just go to C:\Users\YourUserName\.atom, open config.cson and change the juliaPath line under "julia-client" to whatever you need. After that you should also be able to change it in the UI.