Atom/juno deletes Julia bin folder and then cannot find the path

Hello everyone.

I started learning Julia a while ago and installed 0.5.2. along with Anaconda, IJulia and Atom. I have to say I am a newbie in all this (other than that long time Matlab programmer, but new to Github and terminals :)).

Everything was working fine with my installation. I followed step by step these instructions and tried both Jupyter and Atom/Juno which were working.

I left it for a while and yesterday came back to all of this. I decided to install Julia 0.6.2. Since then I’ve spent hours and nothing is working anymore, therefore my call for help.

After about several tries to get Julia 0.6.2. in atom I decided to uninstall Atom (also deleted the leftover files), uninstall Julia and try everything all over again. Here is what happens.

  1. I install Julia (having uninstalled previous installation and deleted User/.julia and User/Appdata/Local/julia-0.6.2). Then restart. The terminal opens and everything works. Julia is installed in User/.Appdata/Local/julia-0.6.2 and .exe is in User&Appdata/Local/julia-0.6.2&bin
  2. I install Atom
  3. From within Atom I search for uber- juno and install it. It installs without problems.
  4. I try to start Julia and it tells me that it cannot find the path specified (“User/Appdata/Local/julia-0.6.2&bin”). When I navigate to the folder, in the bin folder the exe is missing, only dlls are there, as if Atom deleted it.

Trying to install julia again does not work, when I click on the installation file (or download it again from Download Julia) it simply does not work. It shows briefly the window that is unpacking anything but doesn’t show extracting any files and it stops.

I can install it in a different path but then it does not work.

I am on Windows 10 with latest upgrades (which might have broken the whole thing). I have tried the above probably 20 times but it still does not work, while it was working before. I suspect when I unsinstall Julia or atom there are leftover files which then point to weird places but this cannot be the whole story.

Any help appreciated

This seems like an issue with your virus scanner to me – I’m very sure that the Juno installation can’t delete the Julia executable.

I can install it in a different path but then it does not work.

What doesn’t work then? You can adjust the path to the julia executable in Atom (Settings > Packages > julia-client > Julia Path).

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Regarding the Antivirus I use Avast and it didn’t have any problems previously. This happens when I intall “uber- juno” from within the Atom editor, after installing the editor.

I can reproduce the problem every time on the computer, but on a clean install (I have another computer and I just tested it) everything works fine.

To me this is some mixup between old and new installations and it seems that the uninstaller(s) are not clean enough. That is why I manually delete folders afterwards.

Regarding the install on different path, I install it, I point Atom to the new place and when I open the REPL within Atom/Juno clicking enter on "“Press Enter to start Julia” does nothing. This is what I meant by doing “it doesn’t work”.

Edit: I take that back. I copied the missing executable from the clean installation on the other computer (LLVM.dll was also missing), disabled the antivirus and reinstalled Atom (again by deleting the folder after uninstall). Then I installed uber- juno and it seems to work.


Great, glad you got it working :slight_smile:

Me too, I spent 4 hours yesterday evening doing the same thing over and over again. Thanks.

Boris, I use Windows 10 also. I think I have discussed similar problems on here.
I agree - the uninstaller is not clean enough. I looked into this and the reason is that some of the directories need privileged permissions to remove. Even though I am the sole user on my laptop, and can install software etc. my account does not have the enhanced privileges to remove these diectories.

I could not find a good solution to this problem. I think we need to cooperate and look at the Windows 10 install/deinstall process. I am happy to cooperate with you here.

I think that the case that some directories need privileges has a really simple solution.

Installers, that rely on writing in such directories should not have such directories as default choice!

I run on this issue everyday with Matlab on my work computer, where it insists on writing the startup file (a file that defines paths and general stuff) always in a place where I do not have permissions, and always looks for this file there. Thus, I can neither change the file, nor move it anywhere else. This, IMHO is idiotic.

If I install Matlab on another drive (for example), then it simply works. I mean, Atom, for example does not even allow me to install it anywhere than the place it wants to be installed.