Temporarily unable to edit path for Julia in julia-client

This describes a problem that went away between the time I started writing this report and when I finished. So I’m leaving the report as it was and then adding a final section. Since the behavior seems like a bug, even if it eventually corrected, I though I’d share.

I just installed Julia 1.3.0 on MS-Windows 10 Enterprise v 1709 build 16299.1451. atom and all its packages were up to date immediately before the install. OS and julia are 64 bit. atom 1.41.0 64 bit.

I want to point atom/juno/julia-client to the new julia. But when I go to the settings I see

and there seems to be no way to edit, or even display, the path. I have been able to do so in the past. (There are a lot more setting after the ones I showed, grouped under headings.)


  1. Before the install there were entries on my start menu for Julia 1.1.0, 1.1.1, and 1.2.0. They had been installed to installation directories with matching names under my Documents folder.
  2. 1.2.0 was the active one for juno.
  3. There was almost nothing under 1.1.0; clicking either link on the start menu (uninstall or julia) produced “target not found”. This is consistent with my memory that I already uninstalled it. Deleted the start and documents subfolders for 1.1.0.
  4. Ran the uninstall link for 1.1.1 and deleted remaining folders.
  5. Ran the installer for 1.3.0, inadvertently clicking next before changing the install target from the default AppData\Local.
  6. The cancel and back buttons were greyed out and clicking them had no effect. So the install ran to completion.
  7. Ran the 1.3.0 uninstaller and deleted residual.
  8. Reran the 1.3.0 installer, with a target under d:\Programs (newly created by me).
  9. Started atom. Did not hit enter to activate the REPL. Navigated to the julia-client settings. As noted above, this showed an entry with the name julia-path and a description, but the path itself was neither visible nor editable.
  10. Checked if uber-juno had a client path setting, in case that was overriding julia-client. uber-juno had no such entry.
  11. Disabled julia-client and restarted atom. The result was that even the name of the julia path setting disappeared. It reappeared when I reactivated the julia-client package, but remained uneditable.


Just before submitting this I had the theory that perhaps the entry for the path was hiding off to the right of the visible area. So I tried expanding the pane. The path became visible, though I think it may have been visible even before I grew the pane.

I was then able to edit the path in place:

The first picture was cut off before the space where the path appears, but I’m quite sure it wasn’t there. Instead “Julia OPtions” appeared immediately after the “The location of the Julia binary”. The main reason the first image was cut off was that I have little vertical real estate, and that was all I could get on a screen.