HELP! "Julia could not be started "


Please help me fix this. How can I start Julia from Atom… I get this message in the picture.
Thank you loads in advance

Did you try to go the Juno settings and add the path to the julia.exe?

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I am totally a newbie. Can you explain more, pls?

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Go to the menu bar at the top of Atom. You should have a Juno tab with a lot of options. Scroll down to settings and the Julia Client settings pane will open. There you will find a Julia executable path. Fill it with the julia.exe like: C:\Julia-1.3.1\bin\julia.exe.

You can also check: The developers post periodically stuff about updates.

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@mayar : You can find step by step installation of julia in Atom

Moreover, you can add julia.exe location to path in Environmental variables. julia.exe path will be in location something look like this C:\Users\Me\AppData\Local\Julia-1.1.1\bin


I worked… Thank you loads :slight_smile: