First Julia Paris meetup

Hi everyone,
with a few Julia folks, we are planning to organize the first Julia Paris Meetup, to be held on Thursday, October 17th. The location is still to be determined, but we have several plans ahead.
We have created a small site for the event:

Any people welcome!

CC @mbesancon @antoine-levitt @ffevotte



This is awesome!

Will this be a French language or an English language event? Unfortunately, my comprehension of spoken French is still close to zero, but I’m tempted to come even if it’s all in French, just for the chance to meet some people with shared interests.

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One of the speakers doesn’t speak french, so the talks at least will be in English. Now when a group of french people get together, there’s a strong tendency for informal chat to revert to french pretty quickly, but we’ll fight it, promise!

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“there’s a strong tendency …”

même pas vrai :sunglasses:

This is awesome! Thanks very much for organising this!
Is it planned a event publication for sharing it and dealing with inscriptions?


Thanks, that sounds perfect! Even if the worst case, I’ll have at least one other non-French-speaker to talk to, and I’ll have some extra motivation to learn some French before the second meetup.

My talk will be in English. And, like Antoine, I’m confident we can fight our tendency to comfortably revert to French, especially if there are several non-French-speakers around.

Let’s say we’ll have some extra motivation to practice our English!

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Hi Diego,
for the moment, we are just organizing an event independently of (mainly for financial reason). But maybe we will switch to that kind of organization if more people are interested!


QuantStack has kindly propose to host the first Julia meet-up! :slightly_smiling_face:
So, let’s meet at:

  • 19h, Thursday, October 17th
  • 27 Rue du Chemin Vert 75011, Paris

To register for the event, please fill-in this form.


Great!! I was supposed to be back in the US but I can stay a bit longer in Paris! I’ll be there

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I’m writing to share that tomorrow, 03.12.2019, at 19:00 will be the second Julia MeetUp at Paris. It will be at Artelys (81 rue Saint Lazare, 75009, Paris). There is this form to register to the event and more information in the following link:


Could the next meetup be virtual maybe? I would love to join in from Toulouse


That’s a good idea, in my opinion. And that could be a good occasion to change our state of mind during the lockdown …

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Agreed. And it would solve the difficult question of finding a venue!