First Munich area Julia meetup

Hi everyone,

I met a a few people from the Munich area at JuliaCon, and we thought about starting a regular Julia meetup here. Who’s interested?

Here’s a an initial Doodle poll, to identify weeks that might suit for a first meetup (it’s holiday season after all):

After that poll, I’d start a new one to find a date.

Anybody close to Munich (or willing to come there) is very welcome to join. And please do forward this if you know someone else who might be interested.



CC @ludgerpaehler, @lmh91, @MartinOtter


Hi @oschulz, thanks for starting this as promised - I am definitely in! Best, Klaus

Well i am student from Thüringen. München is not that close but i will take a look once a date is set if i can come and if there are people i am interested in meeting.

Thanks for organizing, looking forward to it!
Regards Markus

I’m in Munich at least once a year to visit family, would be happy to be put onto any mailing list and join a meeting if it overlaps with my visits.



Looks like there’s quite a few of us in the area. :slight_smile:

I’ll let the Doodle poll run a while longer, an then post an update here.

I’ll definitely come. Excited to meet fellow Julia programmers!


Ok, I think our poll to find a good week for a fist Julia meetup in Munich has run it’s course. Looks like weeks 38, 39 and 40 have the best overlap (

I’ve created a new poll to find a day and time slot:

Anybody who’s interested, please sign up. It’s quite of a long poll (sorry!), since it has one-hour granularity over 11 days. I hope we can find a two or three hour time slot that will allow as many people as possible to attend.

Incidentally, the possible dates have significant overlap with Oktoberfest here in Munich - so if there should be non-Munich Julians visiting here during that time, you’re of course very welcome to come to the meetup.

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CC @michakraus (see above)

Thank you for organizing. I see most of the options are only during normal working hours, it could be a bit tricky for me to attend since I work in Martinsried (and I imagine many of you are in Garching), I hope I will be able to make it though.

Looking forward to the meetup!

I see most of the options are only during normal working hours, it could be a bit tricky for me to attend since I work in Martinsried

Would other people prefer an an evening time slot as well? I could extend the Doodle poll.

Regarding location, I would offer to host the Meetup at the Max Planck Institute for Physics in München Freimann - but other hosting offers are of course welcome.

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Yes, I guess an evening time-slot could make it easier for some of us - at least for me it would :blush:.

Ok, I’ve added evening time slots to the Doodle poll - please update your availability if you’re already signed up.

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@vilim, Doodle poll has been extended with evening time slots. Could you update your entries? Thanks!

I’ll close the Doodle soon - if you’re interested but haven’t voted yet, now is your chance. :slight_smile:

Ok, I’ve closed the Doodle - we have a day and a time, with very good overlap.

So we’ll host the first Munich area Julia meetup on

September 30th 2019, from 7 pm to 10 pm

I’ve chosen a three-hour timeslot because it looks like some people may have to leave a bit earlier, while others can attend only very late. So I propose that we’ll do this in a somewhat free-floating format, everybody is welcome to come later and/or leave earlier, depending on other commitments.

If there are no other suggestions, I’m offering to host the meeting at the

Max Planck Institute for Physics, Föhringer Ring 6, Munich

Every Julia user and everybody interested in Julia, be it in Munich, near Munich or willing to travel to Munich, is very welcome.

I’ll see if I can arrange for refreshments, more information on that later on. For that I will, however, need a (non-public) list of attendees, to make it an official in-house event:

If you plan to (or are considering to) attend the meeting, please send an email to at your earliest convenience.

Please include your full name and institutional/company affiliation in the email.


Is there a program, or is it just “meet and hang out”?

Is there a program, or is it just “meet and hang out”?

Thanks for reminding me, wanted to post about that here: I would propose that have a mix: Lot’s of time for discussions (and getting to know each other) in an informal setting, mixed up with a few short talks.

Who would like to give a short (5-10 min) talk about what they are using Julia for, or packages they are maintaining, or any other Julia-related topic they are interested in?

Would be nice to find a few volunteers - either post here or email me (

Reminder: If you plan to attend the Munich Julia Meetup, please let me know by email.