JuliaCon 2022 Local Meetups

Hi folks!

During JuliaCon 2022 many of the user groups around the world will be hosting in-person meetups! Although JuliaCon will be an online conference again we’re hoping this provides the community with the opportunity to socialize and restart regular meetups.

Each local group is in charge of scheduling, some will host during all 3 days of the convention, while others may have a social gathering once or twice. While we continue to flesh out dates and locations, be sure to sign up for the Meetup.com page for your local group so you’ll be notified when the event is scheduled.

We’re currently planning meetups in:

If you’re part of an active Julia community not listed here, and you’re interested in hosting a meetup around JuliaCon please reach out to me on Slack (@Will Kimmerer) or by email at kimmerer@mit.edu or juliacon@julialang.org!

I will update and reply to this post with more information about new meetups, scheduled times, and locations as they become available.


This is amazing. So glad we are going to have a bunch of in person meetups despite the core conference being virtual. Thank you for leading this!


If there is enough interest, perhaps there could be a meet up scheduled for Toronto Ontario as well.


Would you mind messaging me on Slack or emailing me, contact info is above!

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As a newcomer to Julia(Con), thanks for organizing this @Wimmerer !

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I’d wish that we had a single timeClock displayed on this meetup page and the time related to that clock written for each meetups.
In that way we wouldnt have to go through estimations of the time dif. between one’s own place and the meetup’s place.
Meetup local conference time could still be displayed for talks to be usefull for locals.
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Yes. Let me update that, as well as the JuliaCon website shortly. <3

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Thanks for this @Wimmerer! Have there been any updates to this list? I’ll be in Amsterdam/Duesseldorf and would love to meet some folks in person :smiley:

Hi folks. Sorry for the delay on an update here, some unfortunately timed vacation and illness intervened.

I’ve updated the list of meetups above, and a list of meetups and links can also be found at: JuliaCon 2022 Local Meetups. Please check out that website and see if there’s a meetup in your area! The times and locations will be listed at each individual meetup page.


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Thanks for updating @Wimmerer! For the Dusseldorf/Cologne Meetup there is now an official event link for anyone who would like more information :juliaheartpulsing:

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